Search and experimentation in the research and development department is continually providing a new impetus to the company.

The company's participation in research projects in collaboration with major universities across the country, in the area of biotechnology, and contact with young scientists provides the opportunity to apply innovative techniques and methods for controlled fermentation by using indigenous crops of a high quality and at a competitive cost.

The Deus and the Deus Rosato natural sparkling wines are two examples of the products that the creative team of Marketing have inspired, the research and development department has implemented, and the consumers have embraced.

Through the research and development team, the company has not only been kept alive over the years, but has managed to equate its name with perpetual progress and development.

The journey continues …

Diamonds of the Greek Economy
Πρωταγωνιστής Κλάδου Οινοποιΐας
60 years Cavino